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35-Day Tabriz- Arasbaran (Kaleybar)-Takhte Soleyman-Zanjan-Kashan-Esfahan-Yazd-Kerman-Lut desert-Shiraz-Nomads-Qeshm Island-Tehran - 35 Days

35-Day Tabriz- Arasbaran (Kaleybar)-Takhte Soleyman-Zanjan-Kashan-Esfahan-Yazd-Kerman-Lut desert-Shiraz-Nomads-Qeshm Island-Tehran

35 Days Tabriz -Qara Dagh-Kaleybar -Jolfa -Kandovan -Takhte Soleyman- Zanjan -Kashan -Abouzeidabad -Esfahan -Yazd – Kerman- Lut desert-Mahan- Pasargadae -Nomads -Persepolis – Shiraz – Qeshm -Tehran

Day 1

Arriving in Tabriz , transfer to Hotel and resting . Visiting The Baazar of Tabriz , staying overnight in Tabriz .

Day 2

Visiting Elgoli park , KAYA Laleh Park mall . the Blue mosque , staying overnight in Tabriz .

Day 3
Qaradaq – Kaleybar

Arasbaran Protected Biosphere , Trekk forest and visit nomads , visiting villages and honey producer areas , visiting Babak Khurramdin’s fortress . Staying overnight in Eco lodge at Kaleybar village .

Day 4
Varzaqan village – Jolfa

Going to Jolfa , Iran-Aremenia border , visiting The Saint Stepanos Monastery , Aras river , Asiyab Kharabeh , Heading to Qara Dagh - Arasbaran biosphere reserve (Kaleybar) , Going to Kaleybar , Staying overnight at hotel in Kaleybar .

Day 5

Day 6
Kandovan village

Goign to Kandovan , Visiting Kandovan village ,

Day 7
Takht-e Soleyman

Going to Takab , visiting Takht-e Soleyman , Azar Goshnasp , Zarostrian fire Temple . Staying overnight in Takab in hotel or local guesthouse .

Day 8
Behestan Fort - viialge in Zanjan

Day 9

Discovering Zanjan , visiting Rakht-shouykhane museum , Zanjan Grand Bazzar . going to Soltaniyeh visiting Soltaniyeh Dome the biggest brick dome in the world and the Mausoleum of Ilkhanid Oljaytu , going back to Zanjan , Staying overnight in Zanjan at Hotel .

Day 10
Zanjan- Soltaniye - Dash kasan – Kashan

Heading to Kashan , checking at hotel in Kashan

Day 11

, Visiting Fin Garden , Tabatabaei House ,Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath House , Boroujerdi House , Abbasian House - Staying overnight in Kashan at Ameriha traditional Hotel (preferably in a traditional house or hotel) .

Day 12

Day 13
Abuzeid Abad

Day 14

Departing to Esfahan , Checking in Hotel and resting . visiting Si o Se pol , Pol e Khaju , Abbasi Hotel , Staying overnight at Esfahan at Abbasi Hotel (or a 4* hotel )

Day 15

Visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square ,Chehelsotoon , Jolfa and Vank Cthedral , Have a walk through Esfahan beautiful streets , and the Zayande Rood river bank . Visiting Menarjonban and The Atashgah Zarostrian Fire temple .

Day 16

Heading to Yazd , Visiting Dolat Abad Garden , Old town , Towers of Silence, Zorostrian Fire Temple , Staying overnight at Yazd

Day 17
Yazd , Bafgh desert - Camel riding

Visitng Kharanaq , Visiting Bafgh desert , riding camels , Visiting Zein-o-din Caravanserai ,Staying overnight at Zein-o-din

Day 18
Village in Yazd

Day 19

Day 20
Lut desert

We will stay overnight camping in the desert or at local village guesthouse in the village at border of the desert, having dinner and enjoy the peaceful desert night watching the starry sky . In the morning you will watch the beautiful sun rise in the desert and after having Iranian breakfast , we will get back to Kerman .

Day 21
Lut desert

In the morning heading towards Gandom Beryan , Having lunch on the way to Gandom Beryan , Camping at night near Gandom Beryan summit , The next day morning after watching sunrise and having breakfast going back to Kerman at around 10 Am .

Day 22

Day 23
Pasargadae - Kondazi village

Heading towards Pasargadae , visiting Cyrus the great Tomb , Solomon Prison , Palaces , Visiting Kondazi village , Staying overnight in rural accommodation in Kondazi village

Day 24
Fars- Tang-e Boraq – Sedeh

Day 25
Fars- Nomad (Kazeroon)

Early in the morning going to nomadic area . Having Nomadic breakfast , spending the day experiencing nomadic life , bread baking , watching or experiencing persian carpet weaving , feeding animals . Having nomadic lunch and food . Staying overnight with nomads in nomadic accommodation or at rural ecolodge .

Day 26
Persepolis – Shiraz

Heading to Persepolis , Visiting the beautiful Persepolis . Continue by exploring Naqsh e Rostam and Naqsh e Rajab . Going to Shiraz , Stay overnight at hotel in Shiraz .

Day 27

Exploring Shiraz , Visiting persian gardens of Eram garden , Narenjestan Ghavam garden , Afif Abad garden , Vakil Bazzar and mosques . Having lunch at Haftkhan restuarant .

Day 28

Day 29
Qeshm Island , Chahkooh Canyon , Historic Laft port village

Arriving in Qeshm Island , checking in the hotel and rest . Going to the beach and visitng Qeshm city , Going to Chahkooh Canyon, Camel riding , Going to Historic Laft port village , Having Local dance and music , staying overnight in hotel in Qeshm city

Day 30
Qeshm- Hormoz – The islands

In the morning get a ferry to Hengam Island , watching the dulphins and turtles swimming on the way , visiting Hormuz Island , watching or having henna design on hands , going to beach and swimming , Staying overnight in Hormuz Island at local Eco-tourist house or camping at the beach .

Day 31
Visiting Setaregan valley , Harra forest , Going to Naaz islands, to water entertainment beach swimming , jet skiing , Scuba diving , paragliding , snorkeling , boating . Having Local dance and music , Staying overnight in hotel in Qeshm

Visiting Setaregan valley , Harra forest , Going to Naaz islands, to water entertainment beach swimming , jet skiing , Scuba diving , paragliding , snorkeling , boating . Having Local dance and music , Staying overnight in hotel in Qeshm

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34

Day 35
IKIA - Return Day

35 Days tour of Tabriz , Qara Dagh ,Kaleybar ,Jolfa , Kandovan ,Takhte Soleyman , Zanjan , Kashan , Abouzeidabad , Esfahan ,Yazd , Kerman , Lut desert , Mahan, Pasargadae ,Nomads , Persepolis , Shiraz , Qeshm ,Tehran

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