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2-Day and 2-Night off-road Gandom Beryan and Shahdad Kalouts tour - 2 Days

2-Day and 2-Night off-road Gandom Beryan and Shahdad Kalouts tour
  • Shahdad Kalouts tour- Lut desert
    Shahdad Kalouts tour- Lut desert

Dasht-e Lut or Lut Desert , is a large salt desert located in the provinces of #Kerman , #Sistan and #Baluchestan and #southernkhorasan Iran , inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List .

Gandom Beryan is the hottest part of Dasht-e Lut desert. Measurements of MODIS installed on NASA’s Aqua satellite from 2003 to 2010 testify that the #hottest #land #surface on #Earth is located in the #Dasht_e_Lut and land surface temperatures reach here 70.7°C (159.3 °F), though the air temperature is cooler.
Gandomberyan , a large #plateau covered in dark #lava, approximately 480 square kilometres (190 sq mi) in area. According to a local legend, the name (in translation from Persian — “Toasted wheat”) originates from an accident where a load of #wheat was left in the desert which was then #scorched by the heat in a few days.

Day 1
Shahdad Kalouts , The Lut desert

Tour starts at 2 PM from Kerman and ends at 4 PM next day . Heading to Shafi Abad Caravansary and Shahdad Kalouts . Camping at overnight stay camping or at local village house .

Day 2
Gandom Beryan

In the morning heading towards Gandom Beryan , Having lunch on the way to Gandom Beryan , Camping at night near Gandom Beryan summit , The next day morning after watching sunrise and having breakfast going back to Kerman at around 10 Am .

  • Rout : Kerman -> Shahdad ->Shafi Abad Caravanserai -> Shahdad Kalouts ->  Gandom Beryan -> Kerman
  • Accommodation : Camping in the desert ( in tent )

Tour includes :

  • All meals , drinks , snacks and fruits
  • Local guide and and guide driver
  • Tents and underlay

We have #Lutdesert  #tours all over the year even in the hot #burning days of #summer . The coolest time for this desert tours are from #october to #April .

Parts of the Lut desert to visit includes the stunning #Shahdadkalouts , The #Keshit #oasis , #keshitwaterfall and keshit #canyon, #Rig_e_yellan , #Gandomberyan and #Roodshoor #saltriver

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