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11-Day tour of Shiraz, Nomads and villages, Lut desert and Kerman, Qeshm Island ,Tehran - 11 Days

11-Day tour of Shiraz, Nomads and villages, Lut desert and Kerman, Qeshm Island ,Tehran
Day 1

Arriving in Shiraz . Exploring Shiraz , Visiting persian gardens of Eram garden , Narenjestan Ghavam garden , Vakil Bazzar and mosques , Having traditional Iranian lunch at Haftkhan restuarant . Visiting Hafeziye , Sadiyeh and Afif Abad garden . Having dinner at Soofi restaurant .

Day 2
Persepolis and Naqshe Rostam Nacreopolis and Naqshe Rajab

In the morning Heading to Persepolis , Visiting the beautiful Persepolis . Continue by exploring Naqsh e Rostam and Naqsh e Rajab . Staying overnight at hotel at Persepolis .

Day 3
Pasargadae and Nomads

Early in the morning Heading towards Pasargadae , Having Breakfast at Pasargadae Ecologe in a village close to the Pasargadae . visiting Cyrus the great Tomb , Solomon Prison , Palaces .

Heading towards Safashahr , to Nomadic area . Spending the day experiencing nomadic life , bread baking , watching or experiencing persian carpet weaving , feeding animals . Having nomadic lunch and food . Staying overnight with nomads in nomadic accommodation or at rural ecolodge .

Day 4
Tang-e Boraq village and Tang-e Boraq Waterfall

Early in the morning Leaving nomads towards Tang-e Boraq village . On the way Visiting Aspas village and farm lands around Sedeh town . Exploring the beautiful Tanq-e Boraq waterfall and village , and Sassanid stone script . Overnight stay in Tanq-e Boraq village .

Day 5
Mahan - Kerman , Lut desert

AFter having breakfast at Tanq-e Boragh village ,we will head towards Kerman ,and go to Mahan . Stay overnight at Mahan and visit Shazdeh Garden .

Day 6
Lut desert

In the morning going to Lut desert and Shahdad Kalouts . Exploring the desert and enjoy the heaven sand dunes . Stay overnight camping in the desert or at local village guesthouse in the village at border of the desert, having dinner and enjoy the peaceful desert night watching the starry sky . In the morning you will watch the beautiful sun rise in the desert and after having Iranian breakfast , we will go to Gandom Beryan.

Day 7
Gandom Beryan

In the morning heading towards Gandom Beryan , Having lunch on the way to Gandom Beryan , Camping at night at Gandom Beryan , The next day in the morning after watching sunrise and having breakfast going back to Kerman at around 10 Am .

Day 8
Fly to Qeshm Island

Arriving in Qeshm Island , checking in the hotel and rest . Going to the beach and visitng Qeshm city , Going to Chahkooh Canyon, Visiting Setaregan valley , Harra forest , Going to Naaz islands, to water entertainment beach swimming , jet skiing , Scuba diving , paragliding , snorkeling , boating . Having Local dance and music , Staying overnight in hotel at Qeshm island .

Day 9
Hormuz Island , Hengam Island

In the morning get a ferry to Hengam Island , watching the dulphins and tutles swimming on the way , visiting Hormuz Island , watching or having henna design on hands , going to beach and swimming , Staying overnight in Hormuz Island at local Eco-tourist house or camping at the beach .

Day 10
Fly to Tehran

Day 11

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