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1-Day and 1-Night Shahdad Kalouts tour - 1 Day

1-Day and 1-Night Shahdad Kalouts tour
  • Shahdad Kalouts tour- Lut desert
    Shahdad Kalouts tour- Lut desert

1-Day and 1-Night Shahdad Kalouts tour

How adventurous are you ? This awesome experience is conducted by our professional off-road desert guides . The magical desert tour starts in the morning , driven by a 4WD Toyota Hilux , going deep Off-road in Kalouts area , trekking and enjoying the stunning Lut desert and find peace inside with the silence and calmness of the nature . At night we will camp , enjoy the starry sky above , set fire ,… or we will stay at rural ecolodge in desert village.

Shahdad kalouts is a  large area , part of Lut desert in Shahdad , Kerman province , Iran . It consists of very huge natural mud structures called “kalouts” in Persian and it means “Lut city” . The area is 145 Km length and 70 Km width . Off-road tours , desert camping , camel riding , desert trekking and stargazing tours are available all during the year .

Day 1
Lut Desert Excursion

We will pick you up at your Hotel/B&B , Bus station, Airport, Train station heading to the Lut desert

and Shahdad Kalouts area and visit salt-river, the breathtaking Kalouts , eggy-hills, camel hills , dolphin hills , Shahdad ancient water reservoir & Date palm farms , surfing in the desert and enjoy the Lut desert .

We will stay overnight camping in the desert or at local village guesthouse in the village at border of the desert, having dinner and enjoy the peaceful desert night watching the starry sky . In the morning you will watch the beautiful sun rise in the desert and after having Iranian breakfast , we will get back to Kerman .

Tour includes

  • Accommodation
  • Guide
  • All meals , drinks , snacks and fruits
  • Transport
  • Local guide and guide driver
  • Tents and underlay
  • Permits

Tour does not include

  • Personal equipment and clothing
  • Sleeping bag ( if camping is intended)

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