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Half a day Off-Road Mesr Desert and Garmeh Village Tour

Tour duration : Half a day

Location : Garmeh Village, Ateshooni Guesthouse, Mesr Desert

  • Tour starts in the morning around 10-11 am , After having  breakfast at Ateshooni Guesthouse you will head to Mesr desert nre to Farahzad Village by a 4WD car  .
  • Experiencing the beauty of desert with it’s lovely Sand dunes ,trekking in the desert and watching the fabulous sunset  .
  • After sunset you can spend the night camping in the desert or going back to the guesthouse , Listening to Maziyar Ale Davood playing nice traditional Iranian instrument , sitting by the fire having Persian tea .

Mesr desert is located in Central Desert of Iran , Garmeh village is an oasis the central desert of Iran , near Jandaq city , Mesr village and Farahzad village.

Price :

140$  ,  1 persons

70$ per person , 2 persons

60$ per person , 3 persons

50$ per person , 4 persons

*All food , accommodation and facilities are included on the tour

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